Navigate Commodities with Precision and Trust

Navigate commodities and trust in our system, designed to streamline your operations and ensure compliance with EPA traceability regulations while providing a range of powerful tools to enhance your efficiency.

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EPA Traceability Compliance

Ensure full compliance with EPA regulations by tracking every step of your used cooking oil and grease collection process. Our system provides you with the necessary documentation and data to meet regulatory requirements.

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Route Optimization

Efficiently plan your collection routes to minimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and save time. Our route optimization feature maximizes the effectiveness of your collection teams.

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Mobile App with Web Forms and GPS

Empower your field teams with a mobile app equipped with GPS tracking and web forms for real-time data capture. Stay connected and make informed decisions while your teams are on the move.

Client Rebate Management

Automate and simplify the management of client rebates, ensuring accurate calculations and transparent reporting. This feature enhances your client relationships by providing them with clear and timely rebate information.

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IoT Enabled

Utilize IoT technology to monitor collection bins, equipment, and even the quality of collected grease in real-time, enabling proactive maintenance and data-driven decisions.

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Plant Processing Module

Optimize processing operations with dedicated modules that efficiently transform collected materials into usable products. This streamlining of processes will help reduce costs and enhance overall productivity.

Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

With our Used Cooking Oils and Grease Collection Tracking System, you can navigate commodities, optimize your operations, enhance compliance, and improve your overall efficiency while contributing to a more sustainable future. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our system can benefit your business

Additional Benefits

In addition to optimizing your operations and contributing to sustainability, our system offers benefits such as efficient Receiving and Lab Results Tracking, streamlined shipping with Forms and Certifications, a secure Compliance Auditing Portal, and insightful Advanced Reporting to empower data-driven decisions.

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